Rabbit Hole (Carrot Crumbs of Gold)

from by Aneken & Audible Junkie



I've been down the rabbit hole sniffing the carrot crumbs of gold
Been told the lies about all the unknown
Suck the imagination out the cranium zone
Suck the imagination out the cranium zone

Stuck the imagination enslaved thru the dome
To ya home telly tubby chillin with ya hubby
Bubbly couch potato extra greasy in the sweat
Tap my phone line one more time hear a thought crime

Thought time in a concentration camp
Focus absurdity into creations worthy of wordy
Destroy imagination employ the empty cases
Walking common folk turned juicy coffin pulp

Dead on legs running noisy empty in the head
Dead on meds drugged up into fleshy lifeless lumps
Hiding on a sofa think you Yoda heavy as boulder
Heavy as the levy that broke water line choke

No surprises you thirst as the water line rises
Suck the imagination out the cranium
Suck the stagnation out of life and live again
Rabbit hole turn snake bite on a Jimmy Fallon late night

Got goals and dreams that can dry up the life stream
Alice and Wonderland its gonna be
Wizard of oz with rubies on my loose-leaf feet
Like hey I see gnomes I think its time to go home

I left my sanity @ last check point, my breath don't
Feel the same, I see insane when ever I reveal my brain

Middle class walking the cracks
Chasing the carrot crumbs of gold...relax


from Dense City, released July 4, 2015
Produced by Audible Junkie
Lyrics & Vocals by Aneken
Mixing by Aneken
Artwork by Kenpau



all rights reserved


Aneken *LNC* San Diego, California

I just do this for fun.

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